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From enhancing energy efficiency to reducing embodied carbon and improving building resiliency , the products of chemistry contribute to innovative solutions that can help address the world’s most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges.

Advances in chemistry help provide many high-performance materials and products used in building, design and construction, from roof membranes that enable cool and living roofs, to sealants and caulks used to keep basements dry.
energy-efficiency energy-efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Chemistry creates solutions that help advance energy efficiency in buildings.
embodied-carbon embodied-carbon

Embodied Carbon

Managing carbon and other GHG emissions is an effective way to help address climate change.
life-cycle-assessments life-cycle-assessments

Life Cycle Assessments

Life cycle assessments are a comprehensive tool used to systematically evaluate multiple potential environmental impacts of a product or process throughout its lifespan.
water-impacts water-impacts

Water Impacts

Building materials can help architects, designers and building managers achieve effective conservation, reuse and water quality goals.
designing-for-circularity designing-for-circularity

Designing for Circularity

Applying principles of circularity to the built environment can help achieve global and regional sustainability goals.

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